Geoffrey Kidde: 
Composer and Author

List of Compositions

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Dramatic Works

Here we Are (2013) A scene for Soprano, Tenor and Piano

[22 minutes]
The Machine Stops (2011) an opera 

for 3 Soprano, 2 Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Bass voices and electronics 

[75 minutes]
Samburan (2006) an opera 

for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Tenor, & Bass voices and chamber orchestra [110 minutes]
Metamorphosis (1991) a mime theater work 

for two actors and electronics. [30 minutes] 

Orchestral/Choral Music/Wind Ensemble

Samburan Concert Overture (2013) for Wind Ensemble [9 min.s] ScorePageOne

Three Pound Songs (2009) for Chorus (SATB) and Piano [12 minutes]

                1. Further Instructions ScorePageOne

                2. An Immorality ScorePageOne

                3. Envoi ScorePageOne
Two Songs from John Donne

(2009) for Women's Chorus (SSAA) and Piano [10 minutes]

            1. The Triple Foole ScorePageOne

            2. The Baite ScorePageOne
Superheroes (2000) for Orchestra.[15 minutes] for orchestra ScorePageOne

Songs from William Carlos Williams  

(1998) for Chorus (SATB). [15 minutes]

    1. Rendezvous ScorePageOne

    2. The Thing ScorePageOne

    3. The Act ScorePageOne

    4. You have Pissed your Life ScorePageOne

    5. For a Low Voice ScorePageOne 
Four Songs from John Donne 

(1994) for Soprano, Tenor & Orchestra. [25 minutes] 

  1. Break of Day ScorePageOne

  2. Song: Sweetest Love ScorePageOne

  3. The Triple Foole ScorePageOne

  4. The Baite ScorePageOne

Quest (1992) for Orchestra. [10 minutes] ScorePageOne

Chamber Music

Eight Etudes (2023) for flute

Sonata (2016) for Piano (3 movements) ScorePageOne

Trio (2016) for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombone [5 min.s] ScorePageOne

Mutanza (2014) for Flute and Piano, ScorePageOne

Offset (2014) for Bass Clarinet, Two Percussion, Piano ScorePageOne

Duo (2012) for flute and voilin [4'30"]

Third String Quartet (2008) [4 minutes] ScorePageOne
When the Tide Runs High (2004) for Flute and Piano [4 minutes]  ScorePageOne
Intermezzo for Flute Quartet  (2004)  (w alto, bass) [6 minutes] ScorePageOne

Night Flight (2002) for solo Flute. [5 minutes] ScorePageOne
Shooting Star (2000) for Four Percussionists. [6 minutes] ScorePageOne
Subliminal Songs
(1998) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano. [10 minutes.]
Sonata (1996) for Flute and Piano. [12 minutes] ScorePageOne

Mixed Quintet (1995) Vn, Tpt, Perc., Tbn, & DB. [10 minutes.] ScorePageOne
Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano
(1993). [8 minutes]
String Quartet
(1991/revised 2000). [22 minutes]
East Coast /West Coast
(1990) for Piano Four-hand. [8 minutes]  EastCoastScorePageOne  WestCoastScorePageOne
Imminent Collapse
(1989) for Flute and Trombone. [7 minutes] ScorePageOne
Woodwind Quintet
(1989/revised 2000). [10 minutes]
(1988) four pieces for Flute Solo. [12 minutes]

1. Sastrugi  ScorePageOne

2. Road Block ScorePageOne

3. Long Distance ScorePageOne

4. Waltz ScorePageOne
(1987/rev. 2012) for Piano Solo. [8 minutes]ScorePageOne

Music With Electronics
Stream (2014) electronic sounds
(2006) for flute and electronics ScorePageOne 

Free Speech (2004) electronic sound. 
Les Machines Misterieuses (2003) for Harpsichord and Live Electronics.
Electric Blues 
 (2001) for flute and electronics. [8 minutes]  
Waves (1999) for Cello and Tape. [7 minutes] ScorePageOne
(1996) for Flute, Violin, Cello, & Tape. [71/2 minutes]

(1993) for Piano and Tape. [7 minutes] ScorePageOne
(1992) for Flute and Tape. [5 minutes] ScorePageOne

Vocal Music

Four Songs from Harmonium (2020) for Soprano and Piano

1.Jasmine's Beautiful Thoughts Under the Willow

2.The Wind Shifts


4.To the Roaring Wind

Now Welcome Somer (2013) for Soprano and Piano [1 minute] ScorePageOne

Manhattanville in Spring (2010) for Soprano and Piano [2 minutes]


Two Songs from Joan Rudel (2008) for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano [7 minutes]

1. Inbound Score

2. Leaving Score

The Spirit of Liberty 

(2002) for Sop., Flute, Sax, Violin, Cello, Piano, & 2 Percussion 

Three Songs from John Donne (1999) for Soprano and Piano. [12 minutes] 

1. Break of Day ScoreFirstPage

2. Song, Sweetest Love ScoreFirstPage

3. Song, Go and Catch ScoreFirstPage
Three Rivers 
(1988) for Baritone and Piano. [12 minutes]

1. Remember ScoreFirstPage

2. Progress? ScoreFirstPage

3. OrangeBubbleBurst ScoreFirstPage
Two Songs from William Stafford 

(1987) for  Soprano, Flute, and Piano. [8 minutes]

1. Traveling Through the Dark ScoreFirstPage

2. At the Bomb Testing Site ScoreFirstPage