Geoffrey Kidde:
Composer and Author

Download Learning Music Theory Apps

Click on the link to be connected to the download page for each app (Mac OS). Use the download button ( [__] ) to get the app, and open from your downloads folder:

Randomly creates rhythm patterns for various uses (pages 28-34).
Use your mouse to practice rhythms by playing a melody 
(pages 34-37).
Randomly generates notes on the grand staff for practice reading pitches--shows pitch names and position on keyboard (pages 42-45).
Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, or Melodic Minor Scale on any pitch (pages 54-58).
Identifies simple intervals played from attached MIDI keyboards (pages 59-61).
Major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads in any inversion on any pitch with 9 possible different voicings (pages 84-92).
Major, minor, dominant, half-diminished and diminished seventh chords in any inversion on any pitch with 27 different voicings (pages 111-115).
Generates diatonic melodies based on pitch and rhythm motives (pages 140-144).
Generates diatonic progressions based on Roman numerals, chord attributes, key and mode (pages 156-173).
Generates chromatic progressions based on root pitches and chord attributes (pages 183-194)
Generates chromatic melodies based on pitch and rhythm motives
(pages 207-210)